Fintech Solutions

Knowledge is the key

The disruptive power of technology is rapidly transforming the financial services sector, and innovative companies in fintech are attracting record amounts of capital. Be it payment services to small retail customers or AI-driven investment algorithms for hedge funds, financial institutions of every size and configuration are being forced to adapt or die.

Our sector knowledge and regulatory expertise set us apart from plain vanilla investment firms who might be raising capital for a fintech today and a tire company tomorrow.

Additionally, the financial services sector is highly regulated, and it is a struggle for innovators and regulators alike to implement new technologies. Our extensive regulatory experience can help you navigate the regulatory minefield.

How we can help with FCA regulation:

• Provide a temporary FCA umbrella for regulatory hosting
• Determine the FCA's requirements for your novel technology
• Guide you in getting regulated
• Handle Compliance for your firm as a third-party provider

How we can help with fundraising:

• Our partners have raised over $4bn in assets for start-ups, hedge funds, private equity funds and new, disruptive products.
• Intro to investor VC platforms and UHNWI’s
• Access to hard-to-reach family office investors in Zurich, Geneva, London and Paris
• Relationships with the universe of EIS and VCT fund investors in the UK
• Help with early acceleration capital for Angel rounds into series A
• Train and create a sales team for your new firm