Sector Focus

Knowledge is the key

We offer sector expertise in life sciences including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and e-health; fintech; film and media and other specialities.

Our sector knowledge and regulatory expertise set us apart from plain vanilla investment firms who might be raising capital for a fintech today and a tire company tomorrow.

Life sciences

With deep scientific skill and operational experience in life sciences innovation, we bring our clients a hands-on understanding of their businesses, helping them present highly complex technologies and products clearly and persuasively to our contact base of specialist investors.


The disruptive power of technology is rapidly transforming the financial services sector, but fintech presents regulatory challenges like no other sector From payment services to AI-driven investment algorithms, our extensive experience in this complex arena can help you navigate the minefields.

Film and Media Finance

Our team has deep professional experience in film and media production and finance. We can help carefully selected projects with fundraising, expert advice on deal structures, acquisition of rights and other financial and business matters. We have strong distribution contacts into the universe of EIS and VCT investors in the UK as well as specialist funds and family offices.

We are promoting a slate of film and TV properties in association with our media partners that includes originals and adaptations, and we attend major film and television festivals such as Cannes and others.

For further information on film and media finance, please contact us at